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A special episode of ER!

Hello everyone.
happy New Year.
Some exciting news for all of you ER fans...friend of the family; Adam's Godfather: Joe O'Connor will be guest starring on next wk's all new episode of ER.
Alot of you know my dear dear sister/friend/Adam's Godmom Kathy originally from TX, then NY'er now Cali gal. Joe is Kathy's hubbie and seasoned actor.

Joe will be in next wk's episode of ER!! He is guest starring as a father suspected of abusing his son. Joey...unmistakably...carrot top.
Joey was just recently on Malcolm in the Middle, Becker and the upcoming revival of Dragnet. Next Thursday...10pm Eastern time January 16th. (Check your local listings.) *Don't miss this*
Joey is also known for his yrs on Nickolodeon's CLARISSA EXPLAIN'S IT ALL where he played the father: Marshall Darling.

Hope everyone is starting off their new year on a positive note.

love & light,
Jules & Family
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